it takes years as a woman to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for.



In Greek mythology, the nine muses inspired creators by their goddess-like talents and tendencies. They were called upon when the rest of the Greek world had writer’s block, fell into a rut, or just needed some joy. It’s fair to say that every woman embodies a certain mystique; a particular quality that pauses a room just for a moment to breathe her magic.

The woman experience is one of many dichotomies. Often celebrated for our loveliness and general charm, we quickly learn that the world is far more comfortable with us existing as pretty bodies with lips that speak only nice things. Many women are raised with notions to feel shame about their body and sensuality. Many more are told that their minds lack significance and that their abilities are not valuable.

The Muse Rebellion is a project and session that empowers women to reject what we have been told about our potential, worth, and bodies, and explore the inner-goddess who inspires the world.

Fly solo, grab a friend, or five. We can discuss your vision for your intimate shoot over a cup of coffee or the phone and come up with a concept that makes sense to you. It’s going to be a blast, I promise you.